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Dell Optiplex 7020 Off Lease Tower PC

Dell 7020 Tower PC I5 (4590) 3.4GHz

The Optiplex 7020 model is a commercial Tower PC widely in use across North America. Along with the tower looking shiny and sleek. The Dell 7020 can run all your home or business activities without any difficulties. Owners can expect fast performance and a smooth interface. 

All Units are fully shipped with Keyboard, Mouse & USB WiFi

  • Box Dimensions

    23 x 20 x 13 in

  • Processor Model

    Core I5 (4590)

  • Processor Speed

    3.3 GHz

  • Memory

    4gb DDR3 Memory / 8gb DDR3 Memory / 12gb DDR3 Memory / 16gb DDR3 Memory

    Varies on options chosen

  • Hard Drive

    500GB Serial ATA Hard Drive 

    1TB Serial ATA Hard Drive 

    128GB Solid State Hard Drive

    256GB Solid State Hard Drive

    512GB Solid State Hard Drive

    Hard Drive Varies on options chosen

  • Optical Drive

    DVD Writer Multidrive (DVDRW)

  • Graphics Processor

    Intel HD Graphics 4600

  • Video Interfaces

    DisplayPort, VGA

  • Windows OS

    Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro

    Varies on options Chosen

Hard Drive
Windows OS