Amsdell Off Lease Tower I5 (2500) 3.3GHz+8GB+128SSD+500GB

SKU: AMS-CLO-2500-3.3

Amsdell Off Lease Tower I5 (2500) 3.3GHz+8GB+128SSD+500GB

The Amsdell tower PC is a custom build with a 2nd Gen i5 CPU. The i5 (2500) version can run all your home or business activities / gaming needs without any difficulties. Owners can expect fast performance and a smooth interface. The Amsdell Tower is great to use in any commercial or business environments.

All Units are fully shipped with Keyboard, Mouse & USB WiFi

  • Processor - Ram - Hard Drive

    Core I5 (2500) 3.3GHz + 8GB + 128SSD + 500GB



  • Optical Drive


  • Graphics

    Intel HD Graphics

  • Video Interfaces

    DVI, Display Port

  • Ports

    10 External USB 2.0 ports (4 front, 6 rear)

  • Windows OS

    Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro (Varies on option chosen)



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