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Tech Wreckers partners with Sustainable Waterloo Region

We are pleased to announce that Tech Wreckers Inc. has partnered with Sustainable Waterloo Region to become the newest member of the Regional Carbon Initiative. With this commitment, we have joined a community of over 60 organizations throughout the region working together to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

As an Observing Organization in the Regional Carbon Initiative, we have taken the first step to understanding where our emissions come from and begin tracking those greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to work towards a point where we are ready to make a reduction commitment in our emissions to become a Regional Carbon Initiative Pledging Partner.

Our organization provides best practices and methodology in E-waste Disposition for our clients and as such, we are firmly committed to responsible and efficient operation of our own business. Partnering with Sustainable Waterloo Region is the first step to scrutinizing our process, facility, and daily activities to find places where we can improve. We are very excited at the opportunity of working with this elite group of people and wonderful organization leading the preservation of our community and region.



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