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What’s a Tech Wrecker?

We’ve seen every smirk, laugh, giggle, and wide eyes on hearing the name of our firm, Tech Wreckers Inc. The name is distinct, memorable and in almost every case complimented and enjoyed.

A few times we’ve heard the questions that come up of: ‘What is a Tech Wrecker?’ or ‘Why this name?’

The name Tech Wrecker originated from the emerging synergies between the Technology and Auto Recycling businesses. The automotive industry with such a prominent and long standing history has matured their service solutions to the highest efficiency. There is a somewhat dirty public opinion of an Auto Wrecker’s yard but at the end of the day your car could be a ‘Write Off’ after an accident and an Auto Wrecker will still give you some value for the usable parts and/or material they can salvage.

We are no different; our company’s mission is to be the most Value-Efficient provider for you in the IT Disposition space without compromising on Security or Environmental Impact of the solutions we provide. We aspire to lead the Reuse Movement in the Tech World, be the ultra-efficient Auto Wreckers of the IT space, and bring you the best value for your End-of-Life, IT Assets.



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